Points to Note for Those Going to Okunoshima to See Rabbits


この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 4 分です。

This document will convey general theories about interacting with rabbits, as shared by Usao, who has experience in keeping rabbits.

There may be various opinions, but I would be pleased if you could read until the end.

Essential knowledge when dealing with the rabbits on the island:

Do not tease or bully the animals.

It may be hard to believe that there are people who would tease or bully animals, but unfortunately, such individuals exist, and their actions can lead to unfortunate consequences for the rabbits. Such behavior is a criminal act and could lead to arrest, so please treat the rabbits with respect.

Do not leave food on the island.

Many tourists bring pellets and other food for the animals, but if the rabbits do not eat it, or if there is food left over, please do not scatter it around before leaving. Excessive food can rot and pollute the environment, and it can also attract crows, which may endanger the rabbits’ lives.

Do not place food around the burrows.

Some people leave a large amount of food around the burrows when they leave, which can also attract predators like crows, thus putting the rabbits in danger. Please refrain from doing so.

If there is a water dish, replenish it with clean water.

If possible, refilling with clean water would be beneficial as it becomes drinking water for the rabbits, contributing to their well-being.

Do not feed the rabbits on the roadway.

Feeding the rabbits on the roadway can increase the risk of them coming into contact with vehicles such as buses on the island. Please feed them away from the roads.

Attention to children’s behavior.

Recently, there have been incidents where rabbits have died due to pranks or violence by children. Parents, please close attention to prevent such occurrences.

In conclusion

Thank you for reading this far.

The rules written here are just a part of what is necessary, and they may be amended as needed. If there are any updates, we will inform you in the form of an update.

Please prioritize the local rules of the area.


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